Serpentine and Timing Belt Replacement Cost

serpentine belt vs timing belt

How much does it cost to replace a timing belt?

The price depends a lot on the type of the car you have and on the service shop you are going to visit. We recommend to choose only trusted service shops, because there is always a high risk to overpay and what is more o harm your vehicle. That is why serpentine and timing belt replacing is so important.

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Serpentine belt replacement cost

The average replacement cost is $400-500, nonetheless, the price may vary significantly. If you have a luxurious car or if it is rare the price may rise up to $900. It is always better choosing reliable service shops than cheap ones. The potential damage after bad service will lead to a huge bill for repair as a result, so think twice.

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Serpentine vs timing belt

Some drivers are confident that serpentine and timing types are the same, other try o find some crucial difference. We should say that each of them is actually a driving belt, of course, there is some differences, however, let us leave that for professionals.

If you have to fix something, don’t hesitate to open the manual and to find out what happened. In such a way you can protect yourself from cruel mechanics and useless service.

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