Nissan Nismo 370z – first look and impressions

It seems that the last Nismo Fairlady Z S-Tune GT is going to be replaced very soon with a new Nismo Z model or the Nismo 370z in America. The photo above is shared now all over the internet gaining the popularity. It shows that new Nismo achieves some accessories (according to the pictures found on the web) and it is ready to go for the Fairlady JDM Launch.

The last Fairlady Z model has all necessary features of Nismo components (interior, exterior features, brakes, suspension, underhood), so you might think that they will do something similar with a new car as well.

Like it or not, but the 370z has inherited some typical problems like steering lock troubles, fails with clutch pressure and fuel starvation. Some owners argue for thin painting, however, it is not so urgent as mentioned above.

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Nissan owners are probably aware that the Nismo suffers from engine troubles and intensive oil consumption. Some cars required the engine replacement in order to eliminate the trouble and only a few of them managed to do that in such a way.

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