Midas Wilmington, DE services reviews

Inspection reviews of Midas Wilmington, DE services

James Little: I’m selling my house and I’m having difficulties where to put my stuff that includes my vehicle. Storing my vehicle and other belongings is now easy and stress-free after I discovered Midas. It’s hard to find one in San Francisco- affordable, safe, and secure.

Jim is a great fellow and trustworthy, he responded to my concern professionally and answers my questions patiently. Their monthly fee is the best deal and I’ve never get disappointed. The whole experience is remarkably fantastic; all my belongings including my vehicles are intact and secured.

Edward White: I am a satisfied customer. They came in and while most of them fit, had problems with one blind. took care of the problem efficiently. One of the blinds had some issues a few months back and just as quickly took care of that too. Would definitely go through them again.

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Wheel alignment reviews of Midas Wilmington, DE services

Bruno Stephens: Quick easy going..no selling me other things for my smog..Tom is great ask for him.I take my car to Midas auto for all its services but I also needed a smog to register my Vw…So Midas said to go see Tom..In and out fast..Thanks Jackie.

Samuel Hall: You’re bound to become their client, as they’re the best.

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Battery replacement reviews of Midas Wilmington, Delaware services

Mark Smith: My car is still good, amazing quality! Highly recommend!

Gabriel Martin: I got my car back and it was good for a couple of hours before it stalled again. This time I was able to take it to a specialized mechanic, who diagnosed a vacuum leak that was causing all of the misfire codes. After fixing the leak, all the codes disappeared and my car is running smoothly.

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