Midas Wheat Ridge, CO services reviews

How much are Midas Wheat Ridge, CO services reviews

Michael Mosley: I have also referred numbers of friends and acquaintances to Midas over the years, and all of them have had great experiences with Midas, and became regular customers themselves.

Britney Stone: My husband and I purchased UClear dual pack helmet audio system from Midas online. Although it was suppose to be fairly easy to pair, we had a difficult time. Anyways, we went to Midas and the service was absolutely awesome! Tom was especially helpful setting up UClear for us. We have nothing but a good experience, when we visit the store, and we really like email discounts on our purchases. A bunch of thank yous to Tom! Happy riding and stay safe!

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Midas Wheat Ridge, CO services engine cooling reviews

Tom Hoover: I just want to thank Mr Matthew Peacock with Nissan of San Francisco, for making my daughter’s purchasing of a 2003 Infinity G35 a pleasant experience. The car is in great shape and they made us feel relaxed and welcome. We enjoyed the popcorn, tea and coffee. He made us feel right at home.

Vincent Cooper: Have been back to them ever since for inspection 1 & 2 and whatever that I don’t have the knowledge or time/space to do. Yes they are a bit expensive but to me their work is worth every penny.

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Midas Wheat Ridge, CO services radiator cooling reviews

Christopher Green: I’m compelled to write this review because dale and George properly diagnosed and treated my 2002 X5 ( E53 ) just about every electrical amenity had failed except being able to start and drive my X5 within a span of 2 days the nightmare was over everything was back to normal and all seemed right with the world again they’re always on point with they’re diagnosis and recommendations thanks again.

Robert Norris: We’ll use this service again.

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