Midas Westbrook, CT Service Reviews

Westbrook, CT Check Engine Light Reviews

Eric Simmons: Smog check went well but if you had not see the on line coupon you would have paid 3 times more the big issue was that he did not completely close the hood so the next day on 101 near the airport in the rain the hood began to vibrate and i was scared it would fly open i would be killed pulled over, closed hood later that day (in a positive friendly way) i call owner to tell himwhat happened and to suggest he double check hoods in the future. he didn’t want to hear it, didn’t apologize and said of course he closed it. it did not so get it done here, with the discount coupon but double check.

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Westbrook, CT Steering & Suspension Reviews

John Norton: I found this company on Google. This company went above and beyond for me. I called for a tow for my beloved car because it would not start and my mechanic wanted me to bring it in. The tow operator, Dick, came within 10 minutes of when I called. He quoted me a very reasonable price for a tow to my mechanic. Instead of just hooking up my car and towing it, Dick asked me some questions about the problem I was having, looked under the hood and said that it may only need a jump start. The operator then tried to jump start my car and to my surprise it started right up. I was very happy. Not only did Dick save me over $50 and the hassle of taking my car in, he made it his business to care and try to really help, which he did.

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Westbrook, CT Reviews Fleet Services

Nicholas Brandon: I knew I was going to have to put some money in this car, but at least I have a mechanic that I can trust, really knows the cars and is half the cost at the dealership. Bravo Westbrook!

Amanda Holmes: Highly recommend!

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