Midas Visalia, CA Service Reviews

Reviews of Visalia, California Mufflers & Exhaust

Matthew Miles: I had worst experience ever. I don’t know if it has something to do with me being blonde female, they decided that I can be fooled. I came there to determine what’s causing the leak in my car, they told me that my transmission gasket pan has to be replaced, and I agreed to get that done for about $100.00. Then after it has been “fixed” in 2 days I noticed my car was leaking again! So I came back and they told me now it’s a coolant tank that damaged and need to be replaced for $200.00!!!! Well, I’ve decided to consult with one of my friend to see if it’s a reasonable estimate. He told me that I can buy the tank for $36.00 and he will put it for me. When he replaced the tank and inspected the old one no damage was found!

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Visalia, CA Car Heating & A/C Reviews

Mark Day: WTF is this place about? The guy told me on the phone that smog check (includes the certificate) would be $25.99, after I came there the price suddenly changed to 39.99. I don’t understand how can he stay in business.

Sally Jones: I dislike their price policy.

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Visalia, CA Batteries, Starting & Charging Reviews

Jeremy Nelson: Well, my car continued to leak so I decided to ask another mechanic to detect the problem and he said that transmission gasket was never replaced and the issue is not in the coolant tank obviously but radiator that has to be replaced. My car is now fixed and running well, thanks to him but I just want to let people know that some mechanics can be very dishonest in order to gain some profit.

Betty Hill: Visalia did impossible to my car, in the positive sense of the word.

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