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Chris Townsend: I have to honestly say I was a bit skeptical about leaving my car in such a shady looking garage but once I saw how immaculate they left my lexus I was happy with the results. The guys there are really thorough and really take pride in their work. I got a chance to meet the owners and they are down to earth people that you can really relate too. Aside from all that the pricing is a lot better then other places I’ve been too and when it comes down to it I rather pay lesser and get more bang for my buck. Keep up the good work guys!

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Tuscaloosa, AL Check Engine Light Reviews

Stephen McLaughlin: Jones, you insult me and threatened another reviewer with karmic justice (yes,folks, it’s in one of his replies to another review). Is that how you treat every customer not happy with his or her service? just saying you are perfect and your prices are great doesn’t make it true. Maybe i just was there on a bad day. It is OK to apologize for bad service and take responsibility. Don’t insult the customer, or shoot the messenger.

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Dorothy Jefferson: Dave has been working on my truck since my dad bought it in 99, the truck has never been to ANYONE else BUT Dave and because of him it is in “cherry” condition.(and its over 10 years old!) Dave only does what is needed and never recommends anything to get more money out of me. He remembers me personally and the issues I have ran into with the truck and always takes my truck in on a moments notice! He fixes everything pretty much within the day and i have never had to go back because of shitty work. Dave is the best, don’t go anywhere else for your cars needs!

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