Midas Thornton, CO services reviews

Midas Thornton, CO services discount reviews

Mike Green: I wanted to go on Yelp to thank Michael, the owner of Midas, again for all his help. I was purchasing a used vehicle and the dealer told I would be able to take it to my mechanic before I purchased anything. I took my first car to Mark and he did an overall inspection on the vehicle and said to not buy it because of future problems it would have that would end up costing me more than $5000!

That inspection cost me $100 bucks. I brought another car the next week from the same dealer and Mark inspected everything again, he looked at the electric charging, cooling, transmission, brakes, etc. Well, at the end of the inspection he wasn’t planning to charge me anything, literally $0 dollars. I gave him money simply because he put so much time into the vehicle and I felt bad.

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Finally, he listed off all the problems of the car and said not to buy it. Finally I switched dealers and brought in a new car. Mark approved it and I haven’t had to spend as much as an oil change cost on it so far. Mark is simply the most honest and trustworthy mechanic I’ve ever met and I wanted to thank him one more time for all his help and helping me deal with all my car issues. I’m never going to do business with any other mechanic. Thanks Mark!

Andy Miles: That’s great service as always!

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Midas Thornton, CO services local reviews

Allen Hancock: Of course, I’ll be back!

Philip West: They’ve just deserved my praise!

Midas Thornton, Colorado services cheap reviews

Ronald Pitts: None of auto services in my neighborhood can take on Midas.

Michael Douglass: I’ve just stuck to Midas and it will last for a long time, I hope.

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