Midas Stratford, CT services reviews

How much is Midas Stratford, CT services reviews

Noel Franklin: We both agree, Andre is great and we recommend him highly!

Samuel Hunt: That’s my FIRST yelp review. And yes, I’m doin’ it because George and his team at Sunset garage provided such great service while repairing my car.

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Tire rotation reviews of Midas Stratford, CT services

Helen Smith: Gave George a call, and he told me it was his priority to get my vehicle fixed and he’ll try his best, and I believed him. Within a week of having my vehicle, boom. Figured it out. It was actually something pretty simple. All these other “great” (yeah right) shops couldn’t figure it out.

Needless to say I’m goin’ back to George and Midas for my future needs. He’s definitely earned my business. Right on George .

Matthew Clarke: Arthur George is the most exceptional, wonderful, honest, and absolutely mind-blowing mechanic I have ever come across. Before I went to Midas and Arthur I was always overwhelmed.

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Tire repair reviews of Midas Stratford, CT services

Rodney Persons: I was calling a few places for tire change, but everyone wanted over $100! I found this guy and gave him a call, he only wanted $55 so I said come. He came really quick and was very helpful, changed my tire and I was ready to go…he is cheapest in town and good service, I will use him again!

Mark Daniel: WOW. Such nice guys. They offer everything you need to make the storage experience pleasant. Which is saying a lot, because moving and storing things can be a real pain in the neck. But when I drive over the bridge, I find myself enjoying being there, it relaxes me, and I just cannot imagine a better place to store your stuff than this place. 100% awesome.

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