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Andrew Cage: Pick me up Cab started out as a great cab company they were inexpensive and very Hospitable then they Rager rates from $6to seven dollars and then $100 I want spent 40 minutes in the back of the cab Wollard cab driver picked up and delivered other passengers the last time I use them I had to wait 45 minutes in the hot sun! The driver did not attempt to apologize are even seem to care all she wanted was her money’. I hope they read this and become more customer oriented.

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Mark Thompson: NOT GOOD EXPERIENCE AT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially during the morning rush hours. I pay with cash and so many morning after I pull up to a pump and walked over to the cashier, WHAT DID I FOUND???? doors were LOCK!!!!!!!! Try to tap on door and took the cashier long time before she came unlock the door SLOWLY. BOY I WAS MAD when the cashier told me that she needs to use the bathroom. I guess this gas station did not honor customers who pay cash!

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Jessica Hilton: Southington is the worse ever! Bought gas on 08/06/14 @ 5:40 p.m. and tried using my “current, up to date Shell gas card” at the pump, but it could not be read and I was instructed to see the clerk. As I entered the store I informed the female clerk (Register #5), and I was immediately hit with an undeserved attitude! As I had no problem sliding my card at the desk, the problem was apparently with the pump and not my card. Perhaps customer service training would benefit this individual as it is clear that she lacks this key component that is vital in a “customer service arena.”

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