Midas Soldotna, AK service reviews

Tire repair Midas Soldotna, AK service reviews

Amelia Cummings: They have a large selection of helmets. I think they have the most helmets out of any SF scooter/motorcycle store. have to give it 4 for stocking such a selection. I picked up a nice 3/4 helmet for under 75 bucks! WOOO HOO! They have a sale next week too. I might have to get some winter gloves!

Chloe Bride: These guys are the best! Friendly people working there, fast service, and overall just love the quick and easy and no hassle experience of their shop.

Though I almost never have problems with my little Civic (of course, ti’s a Honda! lol), whenever I bring my car in for regular service these guys take good care of me. I like the whole friendly neighborhood mechanic type vibe I get from them. A+ all around!

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Tune up Midas Soldotna, AK service reviews

Derrick Miles: Good customer service. Knowledgeable staff. Great environment. Not a gay boutique but a motorcycle shop which is hard to find in Anchorage these days. Fuck being PC. Great to test ride bikes. Hard to decide between the R1200R or F800GS. Different beasts but fun in their own way. New shop. I wish them well.

William Paul: This is the ONLY place we take our BMW bikes for service and for good reason! If you have a BMW Motorcycle than this is the place to go. Make sure to schedule your appointment in advance.

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Car A/C Midas Soldotna, Alaska service reviews

Jack Long: I dropped by during my lunch break. This place is fast, friendly and convenient. They have a wait lounge with free internet, magazines and snacks. I mentioned Yelp and got the $26.95 deal. Car passed. I paid with credit card. I wish everything in life is that easy.

Brian Brooks: No one can take on them, as they rule.

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