Midas San Rafael, CA Service Reviews

San Rafael, CA Check Engine Light Reviews

Ronald Williams: I bought a $110 detail package from San Rafael. It was actually worth $165. Jim advertised that he was located in San Bruno; I live in Redwood City. When I called him to schedule the detail he said that he was located in San Francisco…………huh??? I made an appointment and drove to the city; when I drove up nobody knew who I was……..I asked for the boss (Jim), he came out of a back room, took one look at my truck, and said, “we can’t do that truck today; probably not for another week”. When I told him how far I drove he told me that he’s make it up to me and drive to my house in Redwood City…………..Lady’s and Gentlemen……….IT HAS BEEN ALMOST 8 months since this all started and STILL NO WORK HAS BEEN DONE. He has my money and every time I call he dodges my calls. I’ve gone by his work while in the city and called from the front of his business. They tell me that he’s not there and I can see him standing in front. DO NOT TRUST THIS GUY.

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San Rafael, CA Oil Change Reviews

Brian Cage: This shop did the work so fast that they called me before i had time to eat my lunch, I left the car at 11:30 am they called me at 12:10 pm. Man that is service ….

Joshua Cameron: You’d better hire them, they’re true professionals.

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San Rafael, California Fleet Services Reviews

Dorothy Brown: Awesome guys, so bright and capable.

Oscar Howard: They sold me a muffler for my civic 5 months ago and it slowly started to get louder and louder i took it to another muffler shop and they told me it was rusting thru, small holes everywhere, under the muffler i would understand it it last a few years but i was really disappointed there muffler only lasted 5 months

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