Midas Pueblo, CO services reviews

Midas Pueblo, CO services tune up reviews

Peter Smith: I had a louder than normal noise coming from underneath the car. Seems like an exhaust system problem. Found The Smog Shop on Yelp and called them up and Jason told me to bring it in and they will check it out for me. Not much to add except they verified it was a resonator problem and replaced in 45 minutes. Great customer service and fast turnaround! Definitely deserved the 5 star ratings they have gotten and adding mine as well.

Margaret Jefferson: You can’t say enough upbeat things about this shop. My roommate recommended them years ago and I’m very glad they did. I have taken all six of my last cars there and they have always done great work at a great price. As I type this they are replacing the clutch cable on my 1996 SAAB, and I wouldn’t take it any other place. They deserve 100 stars.

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Midas Pueblo, CO services wheel alignment reviews

Tom Miles: Midas as well as the team at Selecta are GREAT! I’ve been using JR’s services for 8 years now, and never hesitate to call him or bring my vehicle in for anything. Selecta is fast and efficient, totally coordinating the process, working with the insurance agency AND keeping me informed during the process.

If you’re comparing prices or just need some work done, give Selecta a call and you will not be disappointed! I’ve referred others and never been let down.

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Midas Pueblo, Colorado services battery replacement reviews

Andrew Horton: I’ll get back to them soon.

Jack Stone: In terms of professionalism they have no rivals.

Sydney Bridge: They definitely deserve more than 5 stars.

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