Midas Palmer, AK Service Reviews

Midas Palmer, AK Oil Change Reviews

Lily Morgan: I’ve been having all my service done at Midas located in Redwood City. Those guys a great!! Since I work in the city, I drove into San Francisco Infinti one day looking to drop off my G35 for service while I’m working. OMG!! The person that greeted me was so rude and unprofessional. By the tone of his voice, he seemed very annoyed when I asked if I can drop off my car for service. Without saying anything…I got back into my car and drove off. Never again will I be back. You guys just lost a customer. I was actually working with Oscar in trading in my Infinti for a M37….not anymore.

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Midas Palmer, Alaska Check Engine Light Reviews

John Atkinson: Brian has taken care of all of my cars that needed some love and experience. Everything from European, Japanese, and American. And he keeps it real every single time! I don’t understand the other reviews. My wife and I have been customers of Brian even before we were married 10 years ago!! Ummn…last time I checked but when you use your card or cash you still have to pay for the service. We moved from SF to Brentwood 8 years ago and still bring my cars back to the Sunset!

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Midas Palmer, AK Steering & Suspension Reviews

George Simmons: Sam is like no other!!!’n His honestly and caring that you are pleased with his work just blows me away. I have even gone away with a 0 charge. In this day and age. This is just to say I believe Sam and Midas is the best in the Bay Area. I have been going to Sunset for over 6 years and Sam has never changed. This is a great garage and George is the greatest mechanic ever!!

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