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Reviews of Newark, DE Car Heating & A/C

Jim Newport: With only one of the few car washes in the city…you almost have to go to this gas station. My advice, go on off hours. It runs 24 hrs and the drive up machine OLY takes credit cards…not debit. Otherwise yo need to go in and pay for the wash…which happens often. If ou are trying to get any sort of real help after 10…forget it…staff is unhelpful. They don;t even answer the phone at night. Comeonguys….I want to give you better reviews!

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Newark, DE Steering & Suspension Reviews

Sam Clyde: Bon is the greatest mechanic I have ever known, and that’s saying a lot, because my father taught auto shop in high school and I spent the majority of my youth helping with car repairs on 60’s and 70’s autos……electronic ignition/diagnostics have left me clueless so now I take my rides to Bon and he gets them repaired quickly, accurately, and fairly. He is truly a master of all aspects of the modern automobile and his integrity is unquestionable!!

Pamela York: They were able to fix my wheel bearing quickly, and when the job ended up be harder than they bargained for, they didn’t hassle me for more money or anything. Nice guys, good work at a good price! I’d definitely go back.

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Newark, DE Radiator & Engine Cooling Reviews

Frank Mulder: I have only been here once so far, but was very pleased with the experience. We recently moved to the neighborhood and needed something simple done for the car and they did a good job, the price was reasonable, and they did it without pressuring me for other services even though they made little on the service they did.

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