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George Pitts: I had a $99 Groupon for $385 worth of “comprehensive detail services”. John, the owner gave me a line of crap about not being in it for the money- just loves to satisfy customers… blah blah. He then refused to do the work without up-selling me an additional $250 on top of what I paid for the Groupon. Thats $635 worth of service just to detail the outside of my Honda Civic- get real. So much for not being in it for the money. John said that Groupon had misrepresented his deal and called them “a “bunch of Fu*-ers.” In the same breathe he was glad Groupon sent him 400 customers (to upsell and rip off). I asked why, if he was so dissatisfied with Groupon, did he post a later deal on Living Social. That’s when he said he didn’t have anything to do with the postings – his manager did that… But doesn’t your manager work for you? Thats when he blew his top. If you like to listen to a psychotic babble stream of consciousness, be lied to and up-sold a bag of goods he’s your guy. Bottom line he’s hostile and dishonest- stay away.

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Alice Spice: I have been taking my bmw and volkswagon to Bristol for 2 years. I have always found the work done well and at a fair price. Dick is an honest man and a pleasure to work with. Great place.

Frank Duke: Unbelievable service!

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Margaret Little: I highly recommend Rollin’ Along. As a matter of fact I may need his services on my own home, maybe not this year but soon.

Jeremy False: As for me, I see nothing special in them. They’re rather mediocre than good.

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