Midas Middletown, CT services reviews

Midas Middletown, CT oil change reviews

Ronald Chapman: This is a great local shop. I was impressed by the owner Andy’s obvious true love for his work, his customer care and professionalism as well as friendliness. He seems to consider customers as his neighbors, which makes dealing with him a pleasure. Ask AndyDave about his professional philosophy, and you’ll be impressed. Really cares about your car, hears all concerns, and does not take short cuts.

He has a great local rep and experience dealing with insurance, especially since in a previous life he worked in the field, and this can be helpful when insurance claims get confusing. He has just moved to a new location and still developing the place, but his shop is fully on-line and professional. They took great care of my car and it felt good to work with a community and eco-minded shop. You can trust this guy to take care of you, and you’ll enjoy the process as well. Oh, and he’s even planted redwood trees around the place, a big improvement to the crappy vacant lot that was there before–you gotta love a tree-planting car guy!

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Midas Middletown, CT tire rotation services reviews

Elvin Ray: I appreciate how serious and responsive they are.

Leonard Summers: I like what these skilled guys did to my vehicle.

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Midas Middletown, CT services operating hours reviews

David Parsons: The service definitely stands out from others.

Paul Sparks: Everlasting quality at a moderate price!

Walter Lambert: I love this place. I don’t even own a car anymore, bur that doesn’t stop me from trying to convince everyone that I know to drive my ass over to get a burrito while the get their wheels washed. rad idea, merging a carwash with a trashy tacqueria.

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