Midas Manteca, CA Service Reviews

Reviews of Manteca, California Radiator & Engine Cooling

Thomas Stephens: Simon and the people who worked her are a bunch of liars and thieves. I should have trusted the Yelp reviews, but when I spoke to Simon, he sounded earnest and helpful. Not only was the work a complete disaster, but these people stole everything in my car that wasn’t nailed down. This include my bluetooth speaker, loose change ($10 worth of quarters), phone chargers, even the chips and water that I keep in the trunk for my kid, . The workmanship was terrible (paint and body work), there were drips from the over spray paint job, door handles that loose and comes off when my 9 year old opens the door. I didn’t even want to take it back and have them fix it, god only knows what else they’ll screw up. The whole operation seems like a front for something else if you ask me, Simon wanted us to pay him in cash…and this is a couple of thousands that he wanted in cash, not chump change. Don’t be like me and ignore the Yelp reviews. Take heed and take you’re hard-earned cash elsewhere.

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Manteca, CA Check Engine Light Reviews

Michael Donovan: This tow company is great!!! My car broke down on the freeway and I was stuck. I called up Jeffrey and he took down the info and had a tow truck there in 10 minutes. The driver was George and he was awesome! He hooked up my car and had me off the freeway and home within 30 of the ordeal starting. Nice work!! I would definitely recommend this company!!

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Manteca, CA Car Heating & A/C Reviews

Robert Cook: This shop has made me a repeat customer.

Patricia Norton: Thanks again for all the help!

Steven Walters: Very fair, honest, and clear help here! Have been taking my car here for a few years and have had a great experience. I never worry about overcharges, I definitely trust this station.

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