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Indio, CA Brakes & Brakes Repair Reviews

Matthew Robinson: The mechanic’s here does scan testing and don’t actually know how to diagnosis my car. It was for free. I mean the check engine scan test is what they call a diagnosis. Anybody can hook up a machine to your car and get a code as to what the problem might be,, but it does that tell you if the circuit is good or not, or wiring issues. They replaced my oxygen sensor for a fault code…one week later it came back on with same check engine light on and same code. The Lady said diagnosis again and same code?? what does that mean to me when my car is not repaired? So A FREE diagnosis is what I get after paying $250 for repairs with the same problem to begin with. Told me need more repairs at dealer….Idiot. Take your car elsewhere with ASE certified technicians. None on them seem to be certified. Took it to a different shop and got repaired correctly. It was a broken wire in the wiring.

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Indio, CA Tires & Tire Repair Reviews

David Clyde: Service was 5 Star. David is a professional. Work was on schedule, up and running as planned. His interactions with my father showed his gentle side as my father asked questions. Clearly he knows how to work with the elderly.

Anthony Parker: Great car service,they fix my Dodge,i have a problem with brakes. They put a new cilinder, new oil and check everything else on the car. Very nice people. This is my new car service now.

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Indio, California Car Heating & A/C Reviews

Silas Black: They were very friendly, but I walked out of there feeling very unfulfilled. They were not much help when I went in for my 80K check up. They didn’t even bother to check what the recommended servicing was…I had to ask them to do that.

Joshua Decipher: They’re awesome.

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