Midas Hot Springs, AR services reviews

Midas Hot Springs, AR services check engine light reviews

Brian Rice: These guys are simply awesome. Professional, honest, courteous, and above all, knowledgeable. My car had a difficult to diagnose issue. I brought it somewhere else first (not too smart of me) where they kept it for 3 weeks and had no idea what was malfunctioning. The other place recommend replacing the engine…seriously?

Harriet Ryan: Using this company has supplied me with the means to fulfill a promise I made to myself and later to bring a buddy along and show him the joys to be had in NorCal ….. I’ll be back next year and the one after it.

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Midas Hot Springs, AR services mufflers service reviews

Gregory Thompson: There was no hesitation by anyone at Midas to agree to deal with it at no cost to me. However, during the ensuing months i noticed one place on the paint that didn’t look “just right”. No one else ever noticed this but it bothered me.

So 2 weeks ago I was told to bring it in and they would repair it with no cost to me. Now no one notices it–including me–because there is nothing to notice.

This was 7 months after I bought a 13 year old car with no warranty. These people have integrity. Everyone I have dealt with from Walter to Ron in Sales, Dave in Service and Tom in mechanical have been courteous, professional and ethical. i wouldn’t hesitate for minute to do business with them again.

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Midas Hot Springs, Arkansas services exhaust service reviews

Lenard Brown: I won’t doubt if I need to visit them again.

John Maxwell: They deserved my trust long ago.

Patricia Stephens: They’re nice, courteous and extremely skilled.

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