Midas Homewood, AL Service Reviews

Reviews of Homewood, AL Service Mufflers & Exhaust

Barnaby Robertson: These guys are a rip off! You wont believe this! I took my vehicle for an oil change, their prices are the lowest for oil change and i think they use it as a way to get you in then get more work. They told me that I require changing the axle shaft and the wheel cylinder, alternator belt and tires, but while I was waiting outside, i was pasting back and fourth and I just walked back to the car to see when the guy who is working on it doing and guess what I found him doing! He was pulling so hard on the axle shaft and shaking it to brake it right there so I have no noice but leave my car there….

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Homewood, AL Service Batteries, Starting & Charging Reviews

Jeremy Arnold: Call Homewood. Polite, professional dude answers the phone. Says he’ll check up on whether they have my oddball battery size in stock. Calls right back with the good news. Less than 30 minutes later Peter shows up in his Prius with the correct battery and 15 minutes afterwards I’m back in business. Can’t beat that.

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Homewood, Alabama Service Radiator & Engine Cooling Reviews

Donald Dawson: $15.00 more for waxing roof because they call a nissan cube an SUV and the guy said he would have to stand on a ladder to wax my roof, well i don’t think it was my problem he is 5ft. tall. Then another $15.00 to clean arm rests cause they were made of material and not vinyl/leather….they were not even dirty and then another $15.00 cause there was “dog hair” on carpets….i don’t even own a dog. What a bunch of scammers… never again. Oh… by the way, i told them to leave the dog hair !

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