Midas Hemet, CA services reviews

Midas Hemet, CA services coupons reviews

Gregory Robertson: I only opened a yelp account to so I can let folks know how awesome the people and the service at Hemet is. Laura was great and helpful. The bike I rented (BMW 1200RT), was incredibly clean and well maintained upon reception. As a matter of fact they take such good care of their bikes that I would buy one their used one if I lived in san Francisco. Highly recommend!

Robert McGee: These guys have a lot of cool gear at reasonable prices. I just happened to stop by last week to get a new helmet jacket and gloves to use for my Motorcycle Rider Training class, and they helped me choose the right helmet that fit me. they also showed me which ones had the best comfort and safety features.

They also made some suggestions for after I got my Motorcycle Riding License.I recommend this place to anyone who is interested in Motorcycles.

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Midas Hemet, CA services online coupons reviews

Brian Fowler: My treatment before and after the sale has been first class. The store is first class. I have two sons who ride and one of them is considering buying the same bike I bought– a new S1000 RR. I fully and unconditionally recommend BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco to any prospective purchaser and any present owner! The place cannot be beaten.

Donald Jefferson: Their service is incredible!

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Midas Hemet, CA services printable coupons reviews

Marion Craig: Oh… did I say I bought about $5,000 worth of after-market accessories? Their supply is the most complete that I’ve seen. And did I say that purchasers of new bikes get discounts on accessories wherever possible?

Jennifer Powell: I actually don’t want to go anywhere else. They suite me in all regards.

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