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Reviews of Hayward, California Steering & Suspension

Thomas Singleton: I purchased a Groupon deal from these crooks and redeemed it at the Berkeley location, the deal was for a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation, and 30 point inspection. I was told they would have my car for 2hrs, it took them 4, and then when I picked up my car, I was told they didn’t do the rotation, some bs about my tires being bigger than the front which is how the car comes, if the tires couldn’t be rotated I would know, plus they have been rotated before, so I knew that was a LIE. When the guy John was typing up the invoice he asked was it just regular oil, I told him no the offer said synthetic blend, I thought how do you not know the offer that the company you work for is offering. When I checked the sticker for my next oil change it says 3000 miles. For synthetic blends it’s 7500, so I know they didn’t use the correct oil on top of not rotating my tires. I will never go back to these dishonest crooks! If you want an honest car repair shop don’t go to them!

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Hayward, CA Batteries, Starting & Charging Reviews

Joshua Ray: I also found this parking on Yelp and it is as close as the other reviews had stated. Great parking and go location for a picture with Transamerica Pyramid buidling, the triangular shaped one. Price is high but this is a tourist area. I guess if you can find online discount coupon would be helpful.

Lily Thatcher: Good place, Good services!

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Hayward, CA Oil Change Reviews

Peter Burke: Clean, Fast and affordable gas station in the town. All staffs are very friendly and attentive also the services are available 24/7.Highly recommended this gas station to all my friends.

Mary Simmons: They’re awesome tech-savvy guys.

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