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Reviews of Hartford, Connecticut Oil Change

Sam Hawkins: Very very poor communication.. We bring our vehicle to their place to do smug check to my working truck 11:00 am (Smug test takes only one hour the most) I told them that I used the truck for my work and I need it in the same day. because I need to attend the need of my customer. I gave them my number to call me back what ever they need to my truck. from 11:00 am. to 5:00 pm. no calls from them.. I lost my customer on that day. we call them 5:15 and they told me to pick 6:00 pm. When I went to there shop. I got invoice from them of $176.73 hoping that smug test is done. My big surprise is. At 6:00 pm.(That is late to do something) Jacky was telling to bring it back the truck to them and need to pay another $411.04 for more parts and labor to pass the smug test. On the spans of 7 hrs. No calls from them and I need to call them to verify if the truck is ready to pick up and just to tell me that it did not pass the smug. (very poor customer service) I lost my customer on that day because of poor coordination of K West .

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Hartford, CT Tires & Tire Repair Reviews

James Hilton: Kevin talked me into giving his shop a try to replace my timing belt. What a mistake! I told him about the leak problem and he basically told me that its my problem but if I bring it back it’s extra charge. Unbelievable! Are all mechanic are scam artist? I’m posting it up so you guys don’t make the same mistake I did!

Bill McKinley: They haven’t disappointed me yet.

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Hartford, CT Mufflers & Exhaust Reviews

Dick Lord: Hartford has gained my trust.

Nancy Campbell: I’m going to call them again.

Phil Parker: I would recommend them to my friends.

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