Midas Fort Smith, AR Service Reviews

Reviews of Fort Smith, Arkansas Fleet Services Steering & Suspension

John Copeland: I brought my car to have a smog test. The car at first did not pass…I was not happy. A mechanic in the stall next to the smog test station asked me did it not pass? And I said no, unfortunately. He said he could fix that. So I was kind of in a bind, and I said go ahead…the quote was $65.00 So after two hours or so it was done and the smog check person said it passed. Great. I paid the $65.00 and was on my way. When I was on the freeway, I pressed on the accelerator and the car kept gaining speed and it would not slow down…VERY scary…I was dodging cars and trying to avoid running into another car. Eventually, I managed to pull over by pressing the brake to the floor and then shift into neutral. I got towed to my regular and trusted mechanic who looked at the car said the adjustments these guys did were all wrong. Not to mention now it needs a new throttle. The car ran fine BEFORE this incident. Draw your own conclusions.

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Fort Smith, AR Batteries, Starting & Charging Reviews

Arthur Miles: ARCO has good prices right now but they’re just like everyone else. I like this location because it’s well lit and they have an AM/PM that doesn’t close their doors like other stations. It’s a good spot to use as a coroner store. I think it’s better than a ma & pa store because you don’t need to worry about getting stale food.

Godfrey Sims: I fully trust this car repair service.

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Fort Smith, AR Check Engine Light Reviews

Thomas Atkinson: I dislike how they tried cheating me. I’ll stick to something different.

Richard Pearson: Fort Smith did a lot for my old vehicle, I’m so grateful.

Jack Gibson: I’ll keep using this service in the future.

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