Midas Fairfield, CT Service Reviews

Fairfield, CT Oil Change Reviews

Linda Dickenson: Hello everyone! I had a bad experience parking downtown. i dropped my car off one morning and this fat Asian guy attendant named REY kept looking at my BOOBS! I was so pissed so early in the morning to have someone gawking at my chest! ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Then, when i picked up my car, I’m standing at the window to pay and the black dude sitting in a chair looking at a computer totally ignored me. There were two guys behind me also waiting. Whats wrong with this guy?! Are we invisible? Is he blind?!!!!!!!!! Apparently not coz his eyes were glued to the computer screen. I grabbed a business card and would you believe, this guy is the garage manager, Rodriges!! I looked around and saw this short Latin guy just leaning on a car talking on his cellphone HELLO!!! I’m trying to pay and get the hell out and no ones helping me WHAT THE FUCK!!! Next time I should just park on the street or take a bus.

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Fairfield, CT Tires & Tire Repair Reviews

Brad Norton: I can’t say enough about this business and the guys that run it and work there. Honest and reliable, as others have already said, are definitely words I would use to describe them. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with them and I highly recommend them. Fred and Jack and the other guys at Fairfield are the best!!

Sam Stanley: I’ll recommend them to my friends.

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Reviews of Fairfield, Connecticut Radiator & Engine Cooling

Phil Atkinson: The first time I took my car to them was for transmission problems. They were not able to service my car, but I appreciated the honesty. They said that I should go to a specialist for my transmission and referred me to an excellent specialist.

Jim Trump: I consider them to be true professionals.

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