Midas Fairbanks, AK Service Reviews

Midas Fairbanks, AK Steering & Suspension Reviews

Frank Mitchell: It was hard to find a shop to work on my prius I wanted to add a rearview camera to my 2014 prius I stopped by several shops and they were not comfortable working on a hybrid. Then I found Dan he is Toyota expert! He came to my house on a Sunday and the job itself took only two hours then he gave my keys back. I received better service from Dan than the dealership I got my car from.

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Midas Fairbanks, Alaska Fleet Services Reviews

Sam O’Brian: I had my car (99 Subaru) towed in after failing me on the freeway. The shop was recommended by my fiancée after they had done an excellent job repairing her stereo after a theft where the dash had been ripped out to shreds (Honda CR-V). The staff was prompt, courteous, and extremely easy to deal with. I was quoted a standard $95 diagnostic fee(which is why the one star reviewer on here is crazy. That is a very reasonable fee for the work done and is quoted before any of that work is done.) When I was told over the phone the repairs would cost more than what I had paid for the car (two months prior I might add) it sucked, but it sucked less because Brett gave me a point by point breakdown of what had happened, how it was diagnosed, my options for repair, and my options if I chose not to have the work done at the shop. The shop was even understanding and didn’t charge me a dime when I was unable to pick up the car for a couple of days due to my work schedule.

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Reviews of Midas Fairbanks, AK Mufflers & Exhaust

Anthony Grant: These capable guys did impossible with my vehicle, I’m so grateful.

Chris Price: They tried to cheat me. I won’t entrust my Honda to them any longer.

Herbert Eaton: I’m generally satisfied with the outcome.

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