Midas Enfield, CT services reviews

Midas Enfield, CT services car A/C reviews

John Black: These brilliant guys do miracles. My old car is like new.

Kate Mitchel: I love this garage. It is really close to everything downtown and is very reasonably priced. Most of all, the staff is super friendly and helpful. I was surprised to find such excellent customer service from a garage.

I definitely recommend it because it is really safe and a great place to park. I park here all the time, especially since it is close to the courthouse, the federal and state buildings and UC Hastings. I even park here to go to the Farmers Market.

When I was on my way out, a very kind gentleman ran up to the gate and even inserted my card for me. Now that’s service!!! Since this garage opened, I have not received any more parking tickets on the streets and have had no more damage to my vehicle. These are well worth spending a few dollars to park in a high tech garage. I wouldn’t park anywhere else.

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Midas Enfield, CT services car heating reviews

Oscar Red: Getting in and out of this station is always a bit hairy because of the heavy traffic on Market Street. However I like the convenience store because they have a lot of beverages and snack items. The service is ok.

Kenneth Wilkerson: Just try this car service and you’ll get addicted.

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Midas Enfield, CT services check engine light reviews

Charles Wilkerson: You won’t forget it if you try!

Nigel York: We stored our son’s car at Island Park Storage during the last few years while he was a student. We communicated with Eric from another state regarding car related issues. He went above and beyond to assist us and we are appreciative beyond words.

He is an outstanding manager and is professional and efficient. We’d definitely recommend this business, and working with Mike, in particular.

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