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Concord, CA Brakes & Brakes Repair Reviews

Lawrence Greene: I bought an older Jag with 90,000 miles on it. The salesmen from California Motors told me about Dave at Concord. What a terrific find! He loves, loves, loves Jags and he knows what he’s doing. If you’re going to buy an older Jag, because they are beautiful, you have to know Concord. He’s not expensive, loves his work and he’s very honest.

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Concord, California Tires & Tire Repair Reviews

Adela Kennedy: Concord is the best shop around! I live up in Novato and will drive all the way to SF to have Alex work on my car, as the mechanics here (yes I have strayed once or twice) just screw up my car. Alex always takes great care of me, does repairs completely, on time, and with a fair price. As a woman it is sometimes hard to trust mechanics but with Alex I feel like I am in the best hands! I will never go to another mechanic – EVER!!!!!

Anthony Neal: I am very grateful to Sam and his assistant Bill at Concord, they finally with perseverance and tech support got my faulty Sterling stair chair working after 3 years of trouble do to improper installation by McKinley Elevators where I had purchased it..

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Willis Francis: Best thing I ever did was calling Concord. Brian show up and designed a custom chair lift for the family house. At the time Pop was 92 and my Brother had just lost a foot to diabetes. Brian brought dignity to this old house and the two family members who needed it. My one regret was that I hadn’t done it sooner, my mother could have benefited from the stair lift.

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