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Bob Nail: They should stick to replacing glass. Save On attempted to “fix” a chip on my windshield. He totally screwed it up. I don’t know if it is incompetence or if they intentionally screwed it up so they could try to sell me a new windshield. They have replaces windshields for me in the past and one side window because of a break in. They did those so so. BUT NOW, I have to question if not their business ethics, then at least their competence. I guess its my fault. I should have known better. Why should I trust someone who replaces glass to also repair it. I ended up having to have the windshield replaced so I took to a shop over by the MC donalds on Bayshore A1 glass. They were nice and did a good job.

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Mike McDowell: Grow up, Mr. Bridge. I am not the only person to post less than glowing comments. That gives you an opportunity to talk with your customers and learn what works and what to improve. It’s called listening to the customer. It’s called customer service.

Judith Growl: I’ll definitely be calling back.

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Barrie Henderson: This happened back in July ’08. The mechanic is obviously not in agreement with his so called superior and sees my reluctance to spend $75 to fix a flat tire. He tells me where I can go to get the tire fixed for $15. Good man! I’m from SJ originally. I have a favorite place on 13th Street right off the freeway. They found another nail in the tire. Go figure: 2 nails. I drop $10 on them and I’m out the door in 15 minutes.

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