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George Mitchell: This place is your standard mechanic shop. They have worked on my car a few times. They definitely do a good job. Sometimes they can be a bit unfriendly and they do like to take their time when working on a car, so be prepared to leave your vehicle there for at least a few days if it’s a serious job. I would recommend them for people who have patience. They know what they are doing for sure. It’s not cheap, but they will fix your car nicely.

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Nancy Bowl: Came here to fix a oil leak on my car. Owner Patrick said that I have a bad head gasket. Coast me 2100$ to rebuild the head and all new gasket. Week later I still have an oil leak. Took it back to them they said it was a value gasket going to take a day to fix with no coast. Two week later my car die on the freeway tow it to the shop. Now they told my my engine is gone. WTF. It feel like a scam I lost my car to them. After all this bull one of the work try selling me a car. STAY AWAY.

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Thomas Challenger: These guys deserve a negative 10! The top Service manager Andrew is a dishonest, underhanded, condescending misogynist. It is know internally to Toyota that he treats women in this manner. Eric is no better. Yet they stand by him. If you’re a woman you’re SOL, even under warranty work is denied. I’ve driven Toyota most of my life and never again will I purchase a Toyota due to these clowns. The epitome of sexist bullshit. If you can avoid them, do so at all costs.

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