Midas Branford, CT Service Reviews

Reviews of Branford, Connecticut Tires & Tire Repair

Samuel Brown: Branford purchased a vehicle from me, (there was no beating a round the bush) I asked a very reasonable price they new it was a good asking price they offered what I was asking they told me they would take care of all the DMV work which the promptly did. There crew offered to give my wife a ride home after she dropped the vehicle off. They do what they say they will do there customer service is very polite, they are prompt they stand up to there reputation. I would definitely refer them to friends an family I would use them again

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Branford, CT Service Mufflers & Exhaust Reviews

Jack Silver: For Anyone and Everyone who can read this in San Francisco.. NEVER BUY A CAR.. From Branford. They are completely unprofessional..LIARS.. CROOKS.. AND DISHONEST. THEY BROKE THEIR CONTRACT WITH ME.. after I PAID CASH FOR IT.. and Now I have no Saab.. The Car wasn’t ready as promised.. they didnt do anything of the repairs as promised.. when, I told them, they were acting unprofessionally..told me, they didnt want to do business with me, and tore my contract up, ripped my check up and told me to get out of the store… this is after THEY registered it with DMV the previous night and I bought insurance today for it. – They TOLD ME.. They DIDNT LIKE ME… Well, I was there to buy a car.. not make friends. NEVER BUY ANYTHING from them.

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Branford, CT Service Car Heating & A/C Reviews

Matthew Grison: Best garage in the Wharf hands down. I worked in the area for years and tried many of the “others.” The attendants here are friendly and the garage feels very safe!

Sam Donovan: They’re the best car repair in my neighborhood.

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