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Gordon Shaw: I strongly recommend that no future buyer should ever buy a vehicle from SF Nissan. They conduct their sales in a totally unprofessional and illegal manner. Never buy a car from this genuinely awful dealership. Avoid Arvada like the plague !

Elizabeth Stevenson: Watch out for the clock that (conveniently) is a few minutes early when the 6:00pm deadline approaches! No leeway, even if all other time-pieces show 5:58, you still must pay the $5 penalty. According to citipark manager, because clocks are always slightly different, it’s the customer’s problem, not theirs.

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Paul Fields: Basically, I spent unnecessary money in spark plugs and coils (and would have spent more had they got me to replace the filter). I wish that they had told me that they don’t work on German cars. I don’t think they know what they were doing and the entire time I got the feeling that this station is one that keeps “finding problems” to fix.

Joseph Hopkins: From the beginning to the end, the service experience at Arvada was great and very pleasant people all over the office. They were able to give me a free estimate on the spot, and completed the repair work very quickly, and it looks perfect.

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George Wells: Not very good. The service sucks. I went in a while back when I was looking for a new bike. Nobody acknowledged my presence. I looked around for 15 minutes and just left. Forward about 6 months. I came in to service my Ducati s2r, just minor repair. The quote I got made me run!!! It sounded like I needed a new bike with all the parts that supposedly needed replacement. I had the bike repaired for under $500 including parts at another place.

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