Midas Anchorage, AK Service Reviews

Midas Anchorage, AK Brakes & Brakes Repair Reviews

James Green: The efforts of the staff here to keep the insurance companies living up to their responsibilities is what made my experience well worth it. I have an older vehicle that needed a new rear bumper. While my vehicle was with Midas, I had a rental car. The insurance company only wanted to pay for the amount of time the repair would take, not taking into account the process of locating a bumper for a 31 year old vehicle. So everyone here at Midas got to work getting me a better bumper than I had and keeping the insurance companies to task on paying for the rental car. Thank you, Midas!

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Reviews of Midas Anchorage, Alaska Steering & Suspension

Oswald Porridge: I’ve had work done to my car twice here and each time my car was returned in excellent condition. Their customer service is outstanding, they are easy to deal with and very personable. I was never just a number, they remembered my name and greeted me when I came in to pick up my vehicle. Their prices are super reasonable as well. Overall they made getting my car fixed much LESS stressful then it would have been if I’d taken it somewhere else.

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Anchorage, AK Midas Radiator & Engine Cooling Reviews

Thomas Todd: I got dents fixed. BUT they created new dents and scratches and denied everything. yes the dents were small but was still a result of their actions. they said they dont have pictures of the whole car only the repair so there is no way for me to prove that they did it. watch out for these sharks. take pictures of your car before you give it to them. if i were you i would go to a different shop entirely . the risk of a fix for a dent shouldnt be accepted in this line of business. thinking about suing them

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