How to Change Wiper Blades

how to change and Install wiper blades

Step 1: Preparing for changing wiper blades

First of all, you need to know for sure what part you need to fix. Usually, wipers consist of three parts:

  • a rubber blade (it wipes the shield);
  • the lower arm from the base of the windshield;
  • the metal blade which holds the rubber one.

When the windshield wiper is worn out, you have just to change that rubber part.

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Step 2: How to install wiper blades

To find out how to do that you can open the manual or browse the Internet for a video tutorial. Of course, you have to buy new ones, so you need to know the model of blades (car) you need. Some drivers buy left/right wipers of the same size, don’t do that — it often has different size. Since the installation process is simple, you can save good money on labor by DIY.

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Step 3: Knowing when to change wiper blades

The first reason to do such service is their bad performance. If you realize that wiper is broken, you should examine its for cracks and check with water once more. If some rear water lasts on the windscreen it means that the time has come and you have to change them both or one. We recommend to change them at once because sooner or later you will have to do that or at last you have some refills.

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